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collection synopsis

leather and lace

The Marriage of Romanticism and Rebellion

The inspiration for the Domivis debut collection was derived from Creative Director Lola Dominguez’s personal connection to themes of romanticism and rebellion, multifacetedness, and the duality of being a Gemini woman. The combination of the romantic lace elements with rebelliousness of leather fabric represents the alluring duality of the brand. The beautifully striking juxtaposition combined with sensual silhouettes and creative, avant-garde details creates the brand’s core value of visibility for the wearers of each piece.

notes from chief creative officer

lola dominguez

"There’s duality in everything I do and create. I kind of live my life as a “This, and…”. In this collection, I am showcasing that I am edgy and feminine. In a time where we are continuously making waves to reject binary thinking and titles and embrace more of our multifacetedness, I feel like many people can resonate with that.”

"I felt like Leather and Lace was the perfect statement for Domivis’ debut collection because it showcases the duality that I want people to associate with the brand. Over time, our customers will see that duality is deeply intertwined into Domivis’ DNA—going all the way down to the brand's name and dual meaning of being the master of your image, while also being eponymous with my family name and our core value of visibility."