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the world of visibility at


our house

We believe visibility is the currency of influence.

The mission of Domivis is to be the iconic global lifestyle brand with a public reputation for embracing visibility that is recognized and respected in future centuries. Domivis is designed to be a highly coveted and exclusive community for those who want to experience the transformative power of being seen. We have created a house where the fusion of luxury fashion and unapologetic visibility flourishes through editorial-worthy designs. We invite individuals to join us in challenging convention and embracing visibility in the world of fashion and beyond.

our name

DOMIVIS is derived from the Latin words "dominus" meaning "master" and "vis" meaning "force" or "power". The name represents the rebellious nature of our brand, the desire for visibility, and the idea of being the master of your own style and image. The name Domivis also holds a dual and eponymous meaning as a combination of founder Lola Dominguez’s last name and the word “visibility”, which is our core value.

our values


At House of Domivis, we deliver a powerful gift— the power of being seen. We value visibility for our artisans and our canvases. We cultivate emotional and psychological connection in our design experience to make sure you feel seen in every way possible.


We value art of all forms. We're constantly seeking inspiration from our experiences and environments, and translating them into powerful, artistic expressions. The Domivis artisans are fueled by fantasy, passion and playfulness, which allow us to craft creative offerings.


We value sensuality as a form of visibility and self-expression. We are inspired by muses who encompass sensual, free-spirited energy–immune to judgment–that provokes and exudes excitement, arousal, mystery and confidence. We strive to incorporate this energy in everything we create, from our designs to our dialogue.


We value being bold, experimental, unconventional, playful and provocative. As we encourage you to do, we are not afraid to challenge convention and embrace visibility. We are unafraid to push boundaries, be defiant and take risks with our designs, our identity and our voice.